Doom Metal




In 1989 the Swedish band Stillborn released their debut album “Necrospirituals”, today seen as a cult classic and possibly the first gothic metal album ever released. In fact, the term gothic metal was not even invented at that time. The sound was rough and heavy as lead, and the band drew inspiration from such weird and various sources as Ennio Morricone, Lee Hazlewood, Fritz Lang and Black Sabbath, and melted it down to their own creepy mixture, all done with a twisted smile.

The one who managed to best describe the band is probably the signature Zodijackyl at the Metal archives: “Stillborn meld the gloomy horror film origins of doom metal with the morbid aesthetics of gothic rock and create something special.” Although the band is relatively unknown to the vast majority, it has influenced important artists such as Paradise Lost, Entombed and Cathedral.”

 In 2017, the band’s original members got together again after 28 years and released the album Nocturnals, with ten new songs in the spirit of their debut “Necrospirituals”. The response was really positive: “A very good current statement how Gothic/Doom Metal with a hard rocking edge should sound these days” (Voices from the dark side, Germany).

  “Great album. Hopefully we won’t wait another 20 years before the next release” (Time for metal, Germany)

Now the time has come for their new release, Netherworlds. The band has refined their sound and style even more, but old fans will still recognize the original essence of Stillborn, both from “Necrospirituals” and “Nocturnals”. The lyrics are still sinister and eerie with a subtle twist. The music is loud, sturdy, dark and heavy as a monolithic stone.

And we promise it´s still sounding, as a reviewer put it, “…very dusty, musty, doomy and gloomy”.

Kari Hokkanen  – Lead vocals, Bass
Ingemar Scott Henning – Guitar, Additional instruments
Erik Sandquist  – Guitar
Peter Asp – Drums



Necrospirituals (1989)
The Permanent Solution (1991)
State of Disconnection (1992)
Nocturnals (2017)