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They are back!

Just 17 months after the release of their stunning debut, Ström are ready to unleash the next chapter of their energetic rock and roll story. The second album is recorded and ready to be released on April 19th 2024, with the telling title ”En Orkan på vår sida” (A Hurricane On Our Side). Ström deliver the ultimate mix between the great classic hard rock, AC/DC and Kiss for sure, but adding big and powerful choirs which can be derived to a band like Queen. The members in the band are Zdravko Zizmond (Vocals) Johan Siljedahl (Guitar) Calle Sjöqvist (Guitar) Tomas Salonen (Drums).

The album has a very fresh and yet raw sound and Ström has really established their identity and has fortified the sound that was presented on the debut album. From the arena shaking title track ”En Orkan På Vår Sida” to the death serious ”Tack För Mig” (Thank You And Goodbye). ”Småland” is an homage to the Swedish province with the same name, and can be described as an heavy anthem and a tribute to their home region. Zdravkos lyrics are genuine and self-experienced like the working song ”Stämpelklockan” (Punch Clock) which is about his first real job at a factory in his hometown Värnamo. ”Aristokrat” (Aristocrat) and ”Knogar för jämnan” (Fingers To The Bone) are songs about two brothers who emigrated to America from Yugoslavia and one of the brothers went filthy rich and the other one was stuck with a tiresome job and had to work day and night to maintain his dignity, until the day he died.

Their self-titled debut album was praised by many of the tone-setting music journalist in Sweden. The band have since the start 2019 made approximately  100 concerts in Scandinavia. Sweden Rock festival was a blast with thousands of attendees and that’s just one of all the major rock festivals they have done. They have also opened up for bands like Hammerfall and Royal Republic and done live television/radio at the Swedish charity show ”Musikhjälpen”. In the spring 2024 they will do a major Swedish tour as a support to Thundermother.

Zdravko Zizmond – Lead Vocals
Calle Sjöqvist – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Johan Siljedahl – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Tomas Salonen – Drums, Backing Vocals
Adam Butler – Bass Guitar



Ström (2022)
En Orkan På Vår Sida (2024)


1-4: Ola Durborg
5: Calle Rydqvist
6-7: Uffe Sjöquist