Thermality is a melodic death metal band that started in autumn 2020 at the Academy of Music & Business, a school for 16 to 19-year-olds, situated in Vara near Gothenburg, Sweden. The band’s musical style has its roots in the melodic death metal movement that was big in the 90s and early 2000s. Their sound is nostalgic but nevertheless up-to-date, combining the best of the old and new.

Hard music was the result when guitarists Walter Hamilton and Ludvig Sommar found themselves in the same class as drummer/guitarist Hampus Sätterlund and bass player/singer Måns Kerbosch. They immediately discovered that they liked the same sound and had the same interest in playing and writing music. Their first year together went quickly but a lot changed. At the beginning of their second year at the school, the band changed direction. From playing mostly thrash metal, they moved more and more to melodic death metal. During this period, Måns left the band and was replaced by Ludvig on vocals. Guitarist Noel Hoflund Jonsson, who had just started at the school, filled in for Ludvig on guitar. Almost immediately the new constellation of band members started writing new riffs that led to songs such as Misfortune, Unbroken, Grim Reaper and I Remain.

When Måns left the band, it also meant they were minus a bass guitarist, but in December 2021 they recruited a new bass player – Ture Skärfstad Stål. When Ture joined the band, the songs began to fall into place and in mid-December 2021, their first song was ready: Army of One.

In the remainder of 2021 and early 2022, the band finished writing all the songs for their first album “Before I get to Rest”, and in September 2022, one of the school’s teachers, Jim Wallenborg, put them in touch with Fredrik Nordström at Studio Fredman.

Fredrik was quick to help and offered great support so the band members were themselves able to record their first album in the school studio. Recording took around one month before they sent the material to Fredrik for mixing and mastering.
On 1 November 2022, Fredrik returned the finished album “Before I get to Rest” and on 23 December, Thermality was able to release its debut single Awful Lies.

The full debut album “Before I get to Rest” was released on 24 February 2023. The band is delighted and extremely grateful for the very positive reception and great response it was given.
Fired up by the successful album release, the band quickly wrote and recorded three more songs. These three songs were inspired by Norse mythology and didn’t fit in with the follow-up album. Instead, the band opted for an EP and once again enlisted the help of Studio Fredman for mixing and mastering. The complete production was ready by 12 May 2023 and on 19 May, Thermality released a single called Nidhögg and then on 30 June, the full EP, Tales from the North was released.

By the time Ludvig, Hampus and Walter completed their studies in June 2023, where writing music for the band had been part of the course during their final year, they had pretty much completed the band’s second album.
On 22 July 2023, they were already back in the studio. For the first time, the band decided to record on site at Studio Fredman with Fredrik Nordström. All the music was recorded over five very intensive days, but due to vocalist Ludvig Sommar coming down with laryngitis, the band had to return to the studio later to record the vocals.

During the time that Ludvig had to rest his vocal cords, the band came into contact with Sound Pollution and Black Lodge Records, who were very impressed by their sound and were interested in hearing the final product. Finally on 15 August 2023, the band spent a day in the studio recording the vocals so that the second album would be ready for mixing and mastering by Fredrik Nordström at Studio Fredman.

On 11 September 2023, Thermality’s second album “The Final Hours” was ready and they signed with Black Lodge Records on 22 December of the same year. But creativity never rests and while waiting for album number two to be released, naturally the band is producing more new music.

Ludvig Sommar – Vocals
Noel Hoflund Jonsson – Guitar
Walter Hamilton – Guitar
Ture Skärfstad Stål – Bass guitar
Hampus Sätterlund – Drums



Album 1 (19XX)
Album 2 (20XX)
Album 3 (20XX)
Album 4 (20XX)
Album 5 (20XX)


Credits: Anna Synerrö