transport league


Groove Metal




There’s something irreversible about going full-speed on a highway.
Every split second counts for the decisions you’re making, every mile running below your feet is left behind and can’t be repeated, not on that trip, not in that moment. Transport League’s career is, in many ways, a speed-running drive on the highway.

The Swedes never looked back since their formation in 1994 by ex-B-Thong vocalist Tony Jelencovich. In the following decade, they released four albums, one EP, ran through the world in tours,
and earned their “Boogie from Hell” tag from experience, talent, and impressive shows. The most vibrant performances included the Hultsfred Festival (1997) and Dynamo Festival (1998).

“Boogie From Hell” was also the title of Transport League’s comeback album in 2013, after a brief pit stop.
The engines were running again, and Tony and the boys seemed to be back at full speed, with four more studio albums dispatched until 2020 (with an average speed of a record every second year).
Live appearances highlights included Gothenburg Sound Festival (2014), Getaway Rocks Festival (2015), Close-Up Cruise (2018), a European tour supporting A Pale Horse Named Death (2019),
and a mythical US Tour which included Milwaukee Metal Fest in 2000, alongside bands such as Entombed and King Diamond.

The new result after a post-pandemic, raging wars, poverty, and starvation in the world influence is “We Are Satan’s People,” a collection of songs with the Transport League trademark,
but with the new urgency of the times we’re all living so desperately. “The 11 tracks breathe a lot of live-take energy and include some moody breakdown tracks as well.
The album has a Transport League signature all over!

“We Are Satan’s People,” with all its moods and different rolls, had some space for Transport League friends to step in as well.
Martin Westerstrand (LOK & Lillasyster) helped color the groovy & catchy track “Dog Tags,” and the female voices of Sandra Mattsson & Louise Törner from the Goth-Symphonic band Lamasthu on the tracks: “Possessed,” “Cosmo Death,” & “Danger of Death.” All in all, these valuable contributions create a groovy, energetic, and catchy album that has the Transport League rock’n’roll signature all over!

Tony Jelencovich Aaberg – Vocals, Guitars
Dennis Österdal – Bass
Peter Hunyadi – Lead & Solo Guitars
Mattias Starander – Drums



Stallion Showcase (Abum 1995)
Superevil (Abum 1997)
Satanic Panic (Abum 2000)
Grand Amputation (EP 2003)
Multiple Organ Harvest (Abum 2004)
Boogie from Hell (Abum 2013)
Napalm Bats & Suicide Dogs (Abum 2015)
Twist & Shout at the Devil (Abum 2017)
A Million Volt Scream (Abum 2019)
Kaiserschnitt (Album 2021)
We Are Satan’s People (Album 2024)


Credits: Patric Ulleaus