Black Metal




Vinterland was formed in 1992 Kvicksund, Sweden by Daniel Bragman, Andreas Jonsson and Pehr Skjoldhammer.

The band started out as a death/black metal band, but was later developed into more melodic black metal as you know it today.

Tomas Nyqvist, founder of No Fashion Records, got hold of a demo and saw the potential.

Vinterland inked a deal with No Fashion that now had become a part of House of Kicks.

A rented cabin in the woods of Kvicksund now became a second home. Like a machine the work of “Welcome my last chapter” was now in progress.

In november of 1995 Vinterland enters Unisound Studios with Dan Swanö, the first snow fell, and a piece of Scandinavian black metal history was born.

In the mid 90’s Vinterland played a couple of shows together with Dark Funeral, Hypocrisy, Lord Belial and Sorhin to name a few. Later in 2011 it was time for Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig and 2013 Maryland Deathfest in Baltimore to feel the cold winds of Vinterland.

D. Bragman (Guitars, Bass, Vocals)
P. Skjoldhammer (Guitars)
A. Jonsson (Drums)



Welcome My Last Chapter (Remastered) (2022)

Welcome My Last Chapter (1996)