Black Lodge Records welcomes Bombus to the family

We are extremely excited to inform you that the mighty BOMBUS is now a part of the Black Lodge Records family. The Swedish metal act has inked a deal with Black Lodge Records and will release their fifth full-length and long-awaited album, “Your Blood,” later this year.

A Vulgar Display of Metal ‘n’ Roll

Gothenburg’s Bombus returns with their new album, Your Blood, marking the dawn of a fresh musical chapter. With this album, Bombus ventures down a somewhat different path, yet fans need not worry; the essence of Bombus remains intact. Your Blood is classic Bombus with a twist—a blend of heavy metal and classic rock, layered with modern elements.

Musical Evolution
The songs and production of Your Blood reveal a band expanding their sonic horizons. The album traverses from heavy metal to classic rock, introducing a more melodic side not previously featured. Despite these new directions, the band’s core sound—heavy, raw, and unmistakably Bombus—persists.

Produced with Precision
“We decided early to record Your Blood ourselves, without external influences,” the band explains. This self-reliance allowed for a meticulous and unhurried recording process, with each member deeply involved. The production, handled by Petter Lithvall at Stigbergstudion, achieves a dynamic sound—thick, beefy bottoms, crispy highs, and punchy mids—all while maintaining clarity and space.

Influences and Sound
Your Blood still resonates with the band’s foundational influences like WASP, Motörhead, and Metallica. However, this album introduces hints of Sisters of Mercy and Queens of the Stone Age, merging with a classic rock vibe. The result is a Bombus that feels familiar yet refreshingly new, embodying what could be described as “Metal ‘n’ Roll.”

Discography Summary
Since their inception in 2008, Bombus has built a formidable presence in the Scandinavian rock scene. Their self-titled debut in 2010 set the stage, followed by The Poet and the Parrot (2013), Repeat Until Death (2016), and Vulture Culture (2019). Each album solidified their reputation, and Your Blood continues this legacy with a bold new twist.

Final Notes
Your Blood is an album where Bombus successfully melds their past heaviness with a new, melodic edge. It’s a testament to their ability to evolve while staying true to their roots. Prepare for a powerful display of Metal ‘n’ Roll, as Bombus delivers Your Blood with intensity and purpose.

Let’s metal ‘n’ roll!