Bonafide release a song in Swedish and a lyric video.

The second single from the upcoming album “Are You Listening” is the song “Snacket”. Alongside the single a lyric video is being released.
Snacket is a duet in Scanian (Swedish regional dialect) between Wilmer X frontman Nisse Hellberg and Pontus Snibb. The idea came about at an after party after the Wilmer X gig at Gröna Lund in Stockholm. Pontus asked if Nisse wanted to do a duet in Malmoeitic (a type of Scanian spoken in Malmoe).

Nisse liked the idea immediately. Pontus wrote the song the morning after and Nisse received a demo before he had time to take the train home to Malmö. Pontus has played on several Nisse Hellberg solo records and they play together on the soundtrack to Blådårar, the film about MFF and Zlatan. They have together recorded records with The Buckaroos both in Klågerup and New Orleans and done lots of gigs together.

Guest soloist on the song is none other than Pelle Jernryd on lapsteel.

Listen to Snacket here: