Fire will Reign, second single from Thermality out now!

It’s Midsummer Eve and Fire will Reign is unleashed into the world. It’s the second single from Thermality’s upcoming album The Final Hours. The single captures the essence of Melodic Death Metal and is a testament to the songwriting abilities of this young band. With one foot firmly rooted in the 90’s Gothenburg sound and the other stepping into the future, Fire will Reign is the perfect blend of past, present and future.

Ludvig Sommar of Thermality comments;
The song was written with the idea of combining an old school sound with some
modern elements, making it familiar for both older and younger listeners. The song takes a leap backwards into the mid 90s in terms of the sound while keeping a rather modern approach to a very iconic concept, aiming for a more aggressive song and at the same time keeping it true to what we like and enjoy listening to ourselves.

Listen to Fire will Reign here: