Only Pure Hate -MMXVIII-

Album by A Canorous Quintet


– Re-recorded release of the classic album from 1998

– 20 years since the original release

– Critically acclaimed follow-up to the classic album “Silence of the world beyond”

– Recorded at the well-known “Studio Gröndahl”

– Including members and previous members of bands such as AMON AMARTH, MÖRK GRYNING, GUIDANCE OF SIN, THIS ENDING & OCTOBER TIDE


This year “The only pure hate” has it´s 20th birthday. Due to the quite poor sound quality, the band decided to enter the studio and re-record the album giving the album a new chance with great sound quality, as well as a way better performance.

Band statement:

This year the album “The only pure hate” has it´s 20th birthday. For this celebration the album has been re-recorded. But not only due to the anniversary, but also because of the poor sound quality on the original recording. For that reason we think that the songs deserves a new chance. The release will include a previously unreleased track called “The plague that haunts me” which was meant to include on the original record but was dropped at that time.


Artist: A Canorous Quintet
Album: Only Pure Hate -MMXVIII-
Released: Nov 30, 2018
Label: Black Lodge
Origin: SWEDEN


Mårten Hansen – Vocals
Linus Nirbrant – Guitar
Peter Nagy – Guitar
Linus Pettersson – Bass
Fredrik Andersson – Drums


  1. Selfdeceiver (The purest of hate)
  2. Embryo of Lies
  3. Red
  4. The Void
  5. Everbleed
  6. The Complete Emptiness
  7. Retaliation
  8. Realm of Rain (Crystal pt.1)
  9. The Storm (Crystal pt.2)
  10. Land of the Lost (Crystal pt.3)
  11. The plague that haunts me (Brand new track)