Murder of Crows

The new album by Nuclear.


Nuclear’s sixth studio album and most extreme proposal to date. Obliterating all boundaries, Nuclear’s new music ingrains the vicious cutting-edge guitars of thrash and the sonic brutality inherent to the death metal’s golden years. With unyielding tones feeding a display of unhinged savagery, “Murder Of Crows” is set to become one of thrash’s uttermost deliveries of 2020.

Skull fracturing dementias such as “No light After All” and violent onslaughts like “Useless To Mankind”, are just a hint of this furious album which will supply enough aggression to fulfil the expectations of all extreme metalheads worldwide. Without a doubt, this South American thrash outfit will embark you all in a journey back to the 90s yet with the refreshing and powerful sound of 2020.

Be prepared for a metal decimation!


Artist: Nuclear
Album: Murder of Crows
Released: November 13, 2020
Label: Black Lodge
Style: Death/Thrash Metal
Origin: Chile

Matías Leonicio, Vocals
Sebastián Puente, Guitars
Francisco Haussmann, Guitars
Eugenio Sudy, Drums
Roberto Barría, Bass


  1. Pitchblack (Intro)
  2. Murder Of Crows
  3. No Light After All
  4. When Water Thickens Blood
  5. Friendly Sociopath
  6. Abusados
  7. Misery Inc.
  8. Facing Towards You
  9. Hatetrend
  10. Blood To Spare
  11. Useless To Mankind