Monuments of Tragedy

The new album by Pandemonium.


Risen from their slumber, Sweden’s coveted metal phenomena Pandemonium are finally back. Known for their dazzling compositions of enthralling harmonies in a perfect blend with light-speed rhythms, the return sets to rectify their long absence with a promise of an earth-shattering new album that will far surpass any expectations of past and future fans! For fans of: Dimmu Borgir, Behemoth, Emperor, Cradle of Filth, Carach Angren.

Artist: Pandemonium
Album: Monuments of Tragedy
Released: August 30, 2019
Label: Black Lodge
Distribution: Sound Pollution
Style: Metal > Death Metal > Black Metal
Origin: SWEDEN

Johan Bergström – Vocals
Thomas Ahlgren – Guitar
Johan Aldgård – Bass
Jacob Blecher – Drums

01. And Death Was The Way
02. Effacing The Decadence
03. In Search For Euthanasia
04. Necromania Unleashed
05. The Code
06. A Therapy in Blood
07. Severance of Unity
08. Under The Banner of the blood-red sun
09. Under a Cold Stone
10. The Only Catharsis