Sacred Fire

The sixth album by Storyteller.


 When you hear the name The STORYTELLER – you become curious and full of expectations. It´s a name that obligates and demands a lot of the ones who bears it. And this majestic Swedish Metalband, formed in the city of Gävle in the end of the 1990´s, haven´t either failed to fulfil all expectations or deliver the goods. 


The STORYTELLER´s musical style can, a bit simplified, be described as “Traditional Power Metal, with influences from medieval folk music”. 


The fairytale that The STORYTELLER started to tell fifteen years ago, seems to be a never ending story – so hold on! Because this is the time for the fantastic continuation!

Artist: Storyteller
Album: Sacred Fire
Released: February 27, 2015
Label: Black Lodge
Distribution: Sound Pollution
Style: Heavy/Power Metal
Origin: Sweden


L-G Persson – Vocals
Martin Hjerpe – Drums
Jacob Wennerqvist – Guitars
Marcus Backlund – Guitars
Henrik Brannerydh – Bass


  1. As I die
  2. One last stand
  3. Sacred fire
  4. Ferryman
  5. Serpent eyes
  6. Sons of the North
  7. In search for treasures, stones and gold
  8. Coming home
  9. The army of Southerfell
  10. Curse of the seven seas
  11. Let your spirit fly
  12. God of war