Roulette is back with a new single following up the successful album release “Now!”. The new track “Life Will Go On” has a special meaning for the band and more music will come under 2021.

“Life Will Go On” is an up-tempo ballad and Roulette’s first release since their highly acclaimed album “Now!” from 2019. The song is about how life might change when someone close leaves us, something that many can relate to during the current pandemic.

However, the song came about when a parent of one the band members passed away due to cancer. The lyrics are for those who remain among us and how the loss affects our everyday life, but also how important it is that life must go on.

“Life Will Go On” took another meaning when the band’s former keyboardist, and original member, also tragically passed away in January 2021.

Roulette have several gig’s booked for the second half of 2021, including a small tour in Spain, and are currently writing new material for an upcoming album.

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