A Canorous Quintet

A Canorous Quintet

Death Metal



A Canorous Quintet was formed in 1991, under the moniker of ”A Canorous Quartet”.

In 1993 the ”Quartet” went through some line-up changes and turned into ”A Canorous Quintet”.

Shortly after the line-up change ACQ recorded their first official demo ”The time of autumn”.

Here the sound of ACQ started to set the direction of what was to come.

The demo caught some attention and ACQ started to play live frequently and soon became a renowned live act, playing with bands such as Edge of sanity, AT the gates, Katatonia, Dissection, Disharmonic orchestra and Hypocrisy amongst others.

There was also an untitled promo- tape recorded but the sound quality was not quite right and this promo then fell into oblivion.

This led ACQ to make the decision to enter the famous Unisound studio.

The songs sounded great while rehearsing and would turn out even better with the help of Dan Swanö.

The songs recorded in Unisound studio led to a record deal with Chaos Records and were released as the ”As Tears” EP.

From here on things started to happen and the sound of ACQ quickly evolved.

In 1995 ACQ had finished writing their first fullength album, the mighty ”Silence of the world beyond”.

This time ACQ choose to work with Peter Tägtgren in Abyss studio.

Once again ACQ created their own unique recipe for how melodic black/death metal could sound.

”Silence of the world beyond” was released by No fashion records in 1996.

They followed up the album with quite a few gigs and the reviews were great.

In 1997 it was time to record the second album ”The only pure hate” in famous Studio Sunlight.

This album despite the quality of the songs and the performance never turned out as expected.

The sound of the album was to weak and couldn´t convey the power and atmosphere the band wanted to convey.

In 1998 around the time of the release of ”The only pure hate” ACQ got offered to tour but didn’t get the tour support they needed.

There was also some tension in the band and in which direction the music should go.

All of this together led to the decision to disband ACQ. In 2005 the members of ACQ decided to start a new band ”This Ending”.

During the live shows ”This Ending” usually played some ACQ songs since there was still great quality in the old songs.

In 2012? Cyclone Empire got in contact and wanted to release a compilation with all material available from ACQ.

This in turn led This Ending to go back to old ACQ rehearsal tapes to find new gems never recorded with studio quality.

What came out of this was the release of the 7” single ”Reflections of the mirror” and the compilation entitled ”Quintessence”.

In 2016 Peter Nagy (Mörk gryning, Eternal Oath) joined the ranks of This Ending.

With Peter being and old ACQ fan he raised the idea to play live as ACQ and later on to reform and re-record ”The only pure hate” with the sound it deserves.


The time of autumn -Demo – 1993

As Tears -EP- 1995

Silence of the world beyond -Full length- 1996

The only pure hate -Full length- 1998

The Quintessence -Compilation- 2013

Alive from the world beyond -Live album- 2018

The only pure hate -MMXVIII- -Full length- 2018


Mårten Hansen – Vocals

Linus Nirbrant – Guitar

Peter Nagy – Guitar

Linus Pettersson – Bass

Fredrik Andersson – Drums


Album: Only Pure Hate -MMXVIII-
Released: Nov 30, 2018