Death ´N´ Rollers Hellman release new album

Cultists of the so-called “Death & Roll”, the band is a project of music producer Felipe Ferrada who is also known for his work as a FOH Engineer with prominent bands such as BBS Paranoicos and Nuclear and for, his work at the international booking agency Ferroda Booking. The band consists of Pedro Puente on Drums, who´s previously been part of the thrash metal band Conflicted in Arica and Sebastián Puente (Guitar), also member of Nuclear.

Hellman released a promo tape in early 2022 that were part of a promotional EP distributed on all the main digital platforms. The work, entitled “Desktop Genocide” leads the band to perform on several stages all along Chile.

“Born, Suffering, Death”; a ten-song album that talks about the conventional cycle of life of a human in present-day society, the devastation of our environment and social conflicts that lead humans to a certain death. It is an album full of hatred with 10 energetic songs that reveal a new heavy sound from South America.

This crushing debut album, also has a special tribute to the Swedish death & roll band Entombed, including the song “Out of Hand” from the classic Wolverine Blues album.

Enjoy responsibly!

Listen here:
And don’t forget to check out the album teaser below!