Quantum releases their debut album Down the Mountainside today!

Quantum´s album, “Down the Mountainside”, contains eight very elaborate and intense compositions, spanning 45 minutes of music that shimmers in acoustic soundscapes one minute to explode into spastic grooves in the next. The lyrical themes deal with humans alter egos – or masks – that people in our society rely on in order to get by with their everyday lives, and how these affect them psychologically and eventually lead them towards a breaking point. There is also commentary on how this behavior affects the general attitude in the society we live in. Overall, with “Down the Mountainside”, Quantum has created a timeless progressive rock album, which feels both fresh and innovative, which will appeal to old prog diggers as well as listeners of the more modern school.

The album features guitar solos from the brilliant Richard Henshall and Tom MacLean from the band Haken.

Singer Anton Ericsson gives his view on the album.Somewhere between delicious grooves, nasty metal-riffs, and gnarly yet beautiful chords and melodies, you find the sound of our new album, Down the Mountainside! It’s an album that is musically and artistically uncompromised, but it’s at the same time being very accessible and hits immediately, while still getting better with each listen. It is a progressive rock album, for sure, but there are also elements of metal, grunge, jazz, western art music – all of which fits well in a very coherent sound.

Lyrically, it deals with ‘masks’, or alter egos, that people wear to deal with different aspects of their lives, and how these alternate versions of themselves affect themselves and those around them.

Down the Mountainside is a future classic so don’t miss out on it!
Listen/Buy here: https://orcd.co/down-the-mountainside