Stillborn drops new single & video.

Swedish Stillborn stands as a unique and influential force within the gothic metal genre, emerging from the vibrant 1980s music scene with a sound that defied easy categorization. Their roots in goth rock, drawing inspiration from seminal bands like Killing Joke and Sisters Of Mercy, set a dark and brooding foundation. Yet, Stillborn distinguished themselves by incorporating heavier elements reminiscent of Black Sabbath and Motörhead, bridging the gap between metal enthusiasts and the post-punk goth crowd.

And now they are finally back, releasing a new single today – Katharsis. A sonic journey through darkness to dawn. And here is what the band has to say about the single,

Katharsis – the song and guide that takes you through the darkest corners of your mind, meets your deepest fears and completes the journey with true purification. Before you can rise you must fall. Hard. And you know, on the other side of your consciousness, there awaits the new dawn. Freedom.

Go get your gothic metal fix here: