The Curse of Kwányep video from Xalpen’s latest album is now out.

Today sees the release of the haunted and wicked beautiful video of Curse of Kwányep taken from Xalpen’s latest album. A tale of exploitation of people deemed less worthy in the eyes of power. It is more than a music video – it’s a testament of the resilience and courage of the people in Tierra del Fuego and the atrocities they endured a long time ago.

Xalpen comments:
We would like to add a few words about this, our first official film work, which was in the hands of Pedro López and his team.  In this video we wanted to capture a recreation of the tragic past lived by the ethnic groups of the south, between genocide and a withering cultural extermination, intertwining circumstances and aspects of the ancient myths and legends of that distant place in the filming.

Listen to The Curse of Kwányep: